About TheMusicSchop.net


This site exists to take a deeper look at the music of modern worship and help us grow as worship musicians. 

There has been a reaction in the modern evangelical church against anything that can be labeled performance or dwell too much on music. We can probably thank our parent's over-the-top Christmas pageants and expensive handbells. Churches today have Worship Pastors, not Music Ministers. I think this is right: worship is so much more than music, and performing great music should never be the goal. 

But in this reaction and correction of the Church, I don't want us to forget this: what is one thing only we can do as worship pastors / worship musicians? We exist because we are artists. Our primary role is to lead people to God's throne using this incredible gift and vehicle called music. 


About Chris Schopmeyer

My first calling is as a pastor. I love shepherding and discipling people, musicians especially. I love music. I love asking why. I prefer to understand "the why" before embarking on any task or endeavor. I love teaching – creating easy paths to understand difficult concepts. When you put all of this together, you get the heartbeat behind this site. It makes no claim to be comprehensive in the subject matter of music or worship, but I do pray it is a helpful resource for musicians and worship pastors across the world. 

I have been leading worship bands for sixteen years. Since 2003 I have had the privilege to serve as a Worship Pastor at Pinelake Church, shepherding worship bands and producing music. In that time the church grew from a traditional building, 2,500 people, a Line 6 POD, and a sweet set of V-Drums, to a multi-site church with five venues each Sunday and 8,000 in average attendance. (We've relegated the POD and V-Drums to the back of a closet.)

I am blessed with a beautiful wife named Maya and twin girls named Kaitlyn and Ava. You hear examples of my music here