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"As nerve-wracking as it is to write something for public consumption, for me it's even more nerve-wracking to write something for nobody's consumption." – John Gruber on the nerves associated with starting his blog Daring Fireball

And so it begins here. I've been writing and building this blog now for six weeks, but, except for a few friends with links, I've essentially been writing for no one. Hopefully that changes today.

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In February, Belhaven University was choosing curriculum for their new Worship Arts degree and asked me to serve as an advisor to the faculty committee . This was a huge honor for me and a great experience.  

The Belhaven opportunity revealed a piece of my heart I had not fully recognized: I love teaching.

Most of the musicians I lead do not have formal training. Because of this, I am constantly thinking of new ways to teach musical concepts. I am always looking for ways to help our musicians succeed.

Additionally, I have worked as a music director for over fifteen years under scores of worship leaders, covering the gamut of styles, skills, age, personalities, and genres. It has been a privilege to serve along side all of them. They may not have realized it, but throughout those experiences I have taken mental notes on the things they do great, as well as the areas where I wish I could help them. 

I hope to give these thoughts a written voice to speak to musicians, pastors, and music directors wherever this site finds them. 


Worship pastors, music directors, and developing musicians are the audience for this site. While the primary target is Christian worship music,  up-and-coming musicians from any modern popular genre today will benefit.


My favorite blogs stay focused on a topic, but also reveal the voice and personality of the author. I hope to feel that freedom here as well.

With that said, focus is important. exists to take a deeper look at the music of modern worship, helping us grow as worship musicians through thoughtful and engaging posts. 

The site will focus on these areas of modern worship music:

  • Tips and insights for each member of the band
  • Music theory for worship musicians
  • Song analysis
  • Technology tips
  • Resource reviews
  • Links from around the web on these topics

With that said, my primary heartbeat is one of a pastor/shepherd. That guy will show up here from time to time too.

How You Can Help

You can help get the site going in several ways.

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The emotions around something like this can be intense. Fear of failure and thoughts like who are you to think you have something worth reading? are a frequent battle. Regardless, I believe this is a Holy Spirit-led vision. I believe God has given me something to say, and I'm going to have fun and trust God for the fruit. I'd love for you to join me.