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Four Chords

My buddy Grant forwarded this tweet to me.


Hilarious. I could write a post asking for more creativity, but that's for another time.

Today this tweet reminds me that one of the goals for the music theory series: to help us and our bands understand and use the number system. Once you get there, you quickly see the patterns that show up over and over again in worship music. Playing from memory or changing keys isn't so daunting. 

I like the video below because it adjusts the track's pitch and tempo so they are all the same. This creates terrible artifacts in some songs, but it makes a great point. It only takes a basic understanding of rhythm and harmony to quickly see past keys and tempos, and discover the common patterns that tie so many songs together. 

If you're like me, you'll quickly get the point and won't make it through the lengthy video!

I pray everyone has a great week. Remember, this music we play isn't all that special. It is the Spirit of God in you and in your congregation that makes all the difference. 

Question: What are common patterns you've seen in popular worship songs today?