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Paul Baloche's Lead Worship Workshop Coming to Pinelake

For my friends in the southeatern parts of the USA, I am excited to announce that Paul Baloche and his band will be at my church October 26 & 27. Paul is the writer of songs like "Open the Eyes of My Heart", "Our God Saves", "Hosanna", and "The Same Love". 

Paul's band features some of the best musicians in Christian music. This is a great opportunity to grow and build up your team. Check out this video. 

Highlights of the Weekend

  • Open Sound Check:
    There is so much we can be taught and much to be caught. The weekend starts on Friday at 4 PM when participants are invited to sit in for soundcheck. It's early, but I recommend this. 
  • Friday Night Worship Concert
    You'll be tempted to check out the band, but use this as an opportunity to be ministered to. The concert is open to the general public. Get tickets to concert only. 
  • Saturday: In-Depth Breakouts for Each Instrument

For More Information

Check out Paul's band and the guys leading breakouts here

Register for the conference and see the full schedule here. The cost is $49. (You get 24 hours with Paul's band for the cost of two 30-minute guitar lessons. Huge value.)

There are scholarships available for the first 80 Pinelake musicians that sign up. If that's you, email us first before registering.