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Creating Art Out of the Mundane Takes Time and a Lot of Care

You're gonna be staring at this photo for a while.  

What so clearly appears to be four photos pieced together in a not-so-clever photoshop job, is actually one photo – and quite clever at that.  

 Photo captured by  Bela Borsodi . Created as an album cover for the band  VLP . 

Photo captured by Bela Borsodi. Created as an album cover for the band VLP

To create art – something that inspires, moves, or even bewilders us – is a time-intensive process. You do it because you care that it's right. You do it because you care that it evokes wonder and awe. You accept that getting from utterly uninspiring to utterly captivating is going to take a long time, and you love the journey.

For photographer Bela Borsodi, creating this album cover was indeed a journey. 

Final Observation 

With this piece, the need for a time-intensive journey is clear to even the disinterested observer. But in most artistic disciplines – be it mixing a recording, rehearsing a musical transition, massaging edits in a video, or iterating on a logo design – the care we give is not easily understood. When it comes to the audience, all that matters is whether our creation provokes a response or leaves them unmoved.

Art that moves takes time.  





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(This post links to artists whose work I am not completely familiar with and should not be read as an altogether endorsement.)