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Piano Transcription and Analysis of Lacey Sturm's Recording of "Mercy Tree"

It's the Easter season, and like many churches over the next couple of weeks, Pinelake will be using the powerful song "Mercy Tree" at our Palm Sunday services. 


I transcribed the piano part to "Mercy Tree" as a study for myself and to assist keyboard players at our other campuses. I'm going to make it available on the site any other pianists that would benefit from it.

Download it in the key of A or the key of G

Isolating the Piano Track for Study

It is extremely helpful to hear a part like this isolated from the rest of the band. There are a couple of methods to so.

You can hear a majority of the track simply by visiting the "Mercy Tree" product page at Using the CustomMix® tab on the page, press the play button and scroll down to solo the piano track.

This is a great way to check out parts from most songs used in modern worship services. I encourage you to purchase a custom mix of the piano track if you find yourself coming back to it repeatedly.